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Steve grew up in New England but has called some amazing places home over the years. From Sydney, Australia to San Francisco, California to Greenville, South Carolina where he currently resides, his love for experiencing all ends of the Earth coincides with living in amazing places too. This love is equally matched by his passion for capturing images of the people, culture, landscapes, & wildlife he encounters along the path. 

With over 20 years of experience crafting photographs to convey the emotions, awe, and beauty this world has to offer, Steve's love for travel, adventure, and people shines through with each click of the shutter. 

“Since the first time I picked up a camera as a child, a strong, creative urge to translate the world through the medium of photography has been deeply rooted in me. The lens is the perfect tool and companion to match my sincere love for the world, its people, & everything in between" – Steve Juba, Photographer & PhotoFly Travel Club Founder

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